East India Company enters India Again | East India Company taken over by an NRI Sanjiv Mehta

August 25th, 2010| Uncategorized.

East India Company enters India Again | East India Company taken over by an NRI  Sanjiv Mehta

Everybody who studied the history of India knows the name East India Company.  This company is entering into India again.  The company which lost its old glory of a couple of decades has been taken over by an NRI business man Sanjiv Mehta.  He has informed that as this is a world famous brand, he is using it for his food stores business.  East India Company will return to India in 2011.  Luxury food stores under this brand would be launched in all the important cities.  A chain of stores will be inaugurated under the name East India Company store in London.

These stores are being decorated with the articles, which reflect the company’s glorious past. Old coins, the clothes of the then rulers are being used as interior decorations.  These stores will be opened all over the world.  The company which ruled India for many decades had started its business activities with food products only.  Mehta has explained that these stores were planned estimating that if the company was still active, it would have been in the food industry only.  The company was taken over in 2005 itself.  $ 1.5 crores have been invested till now in the company.  Reproductions of various articles which reflect the company’s past glory are being created, taking the designs from various museums.  These include chandeliers and tables.

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