Easy settlement in profession – Dentistry | Getting admission into Dental courses and higher studies in dentistry

September 1st, 2010| Education.

Easy settlement in profession – Dentistry | Getting admission into Dental courses and higher studies in dentistry

Many people feel discouraged to get admitted into Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course instead of MBBS, just because of being shot of even one mark in the entrance test. Actually, BDS is not in a position that makes people to feel bad in getting admission into this course. To be frank, it offers professional settlement within short span of time relatively. One can reach top as a dentist by having dedication, focusing on the profession, love towards profession and hard working nature.

In the days of 1950’s and 60’s there was less value for dentistry course. Scenario has changed since 1965. Government started looking MBBS and BDS candidates equally. Care has taken that there is no difference in salaries between the two. Also, people have become aware of dentistry. It gradually increased in course of time. Earlier girls with irregular teeth were consoled by telling that it was sign of luck. But now they can be adjusted. This is the revolution brought by dentistry. People have become aware of the importance of good teeth row. Every one including cinema actors and middle class people, is looking forward in this direction. No one wants to neglect dental problems these days. Nearly ninety percent of the populations are suffering from one or the other dental problem. When coming to statistics, even one dentist is not present for every one lakh population. In these conditions, not only government job, setting up private practice with some experience is also good.

It is a known fact that admission into BDS course will be given based on EAMCET rank in Andhra Pradesh. All the subjects covered in MBBS are present in BDS also. BDS is a five years course including house surgeon. Practical work will be given from the second year onwards.  So, the candidates become ready for employment as soon as the course completes. Subjects like anatomy, physiology, dental materials, pharmacology, microbiology, pathology, general surgery, general medicine, oral pathology, oral surgery and others are to be studied as a part of course.

Post graduation course in dentistry:

After completing BDS, post graduation MDS can be done in seven disciplines. Course duration will be three years. MDS can be done in oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontic, community dentistry, pedodontics, oral medicine and radiology. This course is also suitable for girls and those who have patience will be successful in this profession.

DDS course has to be done after BDS to get settled in America. Those who want to go for England should pass Statutory Board Exam of that country.

As said earlier, government is giving equal importance for both MBBS and BDS course candidates. If government job is got, BDS doctors can get salaries equal to MBBS doctors. BDS candidates can also go for private practice. After completing the course, one can get awareness on treatment procedures by working at a senior doctor for at least two years.

Even though there will be practical training in the course from the second year onwards, it is necessary to work hard to get more awareness on the treatment methods. If stopped at BDS level one can expect high income from seven to eight years and if MDS is selected, one can expect high income from ten years onwards. After that, income and reputation will depend on the experience and dedication towards the profession. Once a dentist fills the teeth, it should not get problem anytime. If done with half knowledge, no one can get good name. That will affect income also. If trust of patients is got, there will no obstruction but growth even till age of seventies also.

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