Easy VISA to USA | Simple way to get Tourist VISA to USA

January 10th, 2010| Education.

Easy VISA to USA | Simple way to get Tourist VISA to USA
Visa, a kind of license which is used to go abroad is a big process once upon a time had become easy now a day with the introduction of the DS-160 which is there in foreign countries is been introduced from 19th of this month in Hyderabad also.

This is been introduced for the convenience of the Indians who wish to travel abroad for the states. The procedure to apply for the visa is a big process where one had to fill 5 application forms and this headache is not at all there by introducing DS-160 through which the whole family can get visa just filling a single application.

Those who wish to apply for the Non Immigrant Visa under DS-160 can apply through online from 19th of this month and the interviews are been conducted for those candidates from February 1st of this year.

The 77 thousand candidates who applied for the visa 10 months before are interviewed and the visa may be issued from 31st of this month after all the process is completed. It is the total responsibility of the country to provide security for Americans who are also called as NRIs.

The procedure of applying for the DS-160 is been applicable throughout the country.