Eating habits during Sri Krishnadevaraya period | Various dishes served in the period of Sri Krishnadevaraya

August 21st, 2010| In India.

­­­Eating habits during Sri Krishnadevaraya period | Various dishes served in the period of Sri Krishnadevaraya

Eating habits speak about the culture and tradition of people. The eating habits reflect not only the life style but the social situations also.   Poets used to record the eating habits of the people.  In the book ‘Sri Krishnadevaraayala Vaibhavam’, many interesting matters can be known regarding the eating habits of people during Krishnadevaraya reign.

The higher caste people and rich people used to take meals with nearly 70 varieties of items.  Rich people used to eat meals in golden plates. During the  Krishanadevaraaya rule, people to used to sit on the floor to take meals.  Even the emperor used to sit on the floor, and keep the plate on a golden stool with three legs.  Some times he used to take meals along with the other elders of his court.  Curtains were drawn when the emperor was taking his meals. They used to walk at least 100 feet to wash their hands.  Tables were used for taking meals, after Muslim traditions spread in Deccan.

The eating habits started to change during the time of Krishnadevaraaya.  Chillies were introduced in place of pepper.   The relationships with Portuguese may be the reason for these changes, because Portuguese introduced chillies to us.  The tradition of cutting the vegetables in to pieces and preparing pickles with chilly powder has also started from then.  Tamarind, which was used only for medicinal purposes, had entered the kitchens.  Tamarind was used in cooking along with chilly powder in many dishes.  Many sweet dishes were also prepared.  The habits of eating rotis also spread during this time.  Three varieties of Rotis were prepared.  53 varieties of curries made with leafy vegetables and vegetables were consumed by the people.

Three varieties of Rotis

Three varieties of rotis were popular during the Krishnadevaraaya period.  If the dough is kept between two plates and pressed, and then roasted, it was called ‘muchchala roti’.  The roti roasted on the pan was called ‘kiwich roti’.  If ghee, sugar, camphor crystals (pachcha karpooram) and japatri are added to the roti, it was called ‘chuchu roti’.

Dishes of Brahmins


The eating habits of Brahmins were different from others in Krishnadevaraya period.  Rice, dal, ghee along with vegetables, kheer and curd were served.  Sweet rasam,  ambali, sugarcane juice, fruit juices and fruits were included in the meals.  They also used to eat pepper powder, pickles etc.

Non vegetarian dishes


Goat meat was sold in the market.  Boiled fish pieces and mango pieces were eaten during the afternoons in summer.  Coconuts were buried and taken out in the evening and the water was consumed then.

Some other dishes were polelu, sarasattulu, bontharakudumulu, madugu boovulu; mrundalu, pundrekamul, gasagasau, pesarambulagamul, ariselu, puluvulu, idemulu, pulupurugulu, chaptulu, payasam, bajulu, kadiyambulu, kaayambulu, gandhathoyaalu etc were popular with the people.

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