What are E-cards? | How to send the e-cards invitations through online?

October 18th, 2010| Uncategorized.

What are E-cards? | How to send the e-cards invitations through online?

E Cards

The marriage is the occasion where we need to call many people and we spend a lot of money for the marriage. We require many things to do and arrange many decorations for the marriage. We need to invite everyone and even though we remember everyone, we forget to invite some people. Afterwards we feel sorry for them and for solving such type of problems, there is E card technology. The youth is now attracted towards the E cards and the demand for the web and graphic designers is increasing. They are now designing the E cards for every occasion like birthdays, marriages etc.

Net users:

The people who use the net can easily send the E-cards and they can upload the photos, guest book, selecting the wedding concept and live bride casting options. They can tell many things in the E-cards which will be for five pages and they can also attach the audio file to it. They can send the files to the email and they can view them whenever they want to see. They are now attaching the childhood memories of the bride and bridegroom like photos and videos. They are very attractive and so the youth are very interested.

Cost is less:

The E-cards are very less in the case of price and they can be easily sent. It takes the time to prepare the E cards and the preparation cost is also less. The NRIs and the net users are now sending the E-cards only. They are trying to reflect the tradition and they are trying to express their feelings. It may take time to get popular in the rural areas as there is less usage of net.

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