What will be the after effects of Sri Krishna Committee Report?

What will be the after effects of Sri Krishna Committee Report?

Telangana Congress representatives are holding a meeting on 2nd January, 2011 in CLP office at 11.00 am to discuss the after effects of Sri Krishna Committee report.  This meeting will be attended by all the Telangana congress MPs, MLAs and MLCs.  Irrespective of the solutions Sri Krishna Committee is going to suggest, this meeting will decide a strategy to fight for separate Telangana State. A resolution will also be passed in the meeting opposing the deployment of 50 paramilitary forces in Andhra Pradesh.  Telangana MPs are also going to request the central government to call back the military forces.  This meeting will decide what the future plans of Telangana MPs are in the back drop of Sri Krishna Committee report.

Earlier all the cases on students were lifted following the hunger strike by Telangana Congress MPs which boosted the confidence of Telangana representatives.  There is also anxiety and tension about the report of Sri Krishna Committee.  If the report and the suggestions are favourable to Telangana formation, Telangana Congress representatives will hold rallies and public meeting praising AICC president Sonia Gandhi and Congress high command.  If the report is against the formation of Telangana, the pressure will mount on them because of TRS president KCR, they are worried.  Telangana Congress representatives are worried over the statements of KCR who said that central and state governments will fall down if separate Telangana state is not formed.  Madhu Yashki also expressed his doubts that the recommendations of Sri Krishna Committee will not be favourable to formation of separate Telangana state.

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