Electrical engineering in India and its importance

July 16th, 2010| Education.

Electrical engineering in India and its importance

Electricity is one of the things that are invisible to human eye. Bulb lights and mixes works, which both are visible to eye. But the electrical power required to run both of them, will not be visible to us. Some people say they have no current supply in their village earlier. But now, we can’t image the world without electricity. We get irritated even for five seconds of power cut.

Electrical engineering is the mother of present day subjects like IT, electronics and others. It has evergreen demand as a core subject. It has very importance in the development of the world. Many colleges in Andhra Pradesh are offering electrical and electronics engineering course. Only in IIT’s, we see this course as electrical engineering.

Role of circuits is irreplaceable in electrical engineering. Those who get command over circuits’ topic, can master the electrical engineering course easily. In this course, students need to gain knowledge on power production, transmission and distribution. As a part of electrical engineering degree course, electrical circuits, power systems, power electrical, related machines, measurements, control systems, utilization, digital electronics, microprocessor and others have to be studied. Also subjects related to mechanical, civil and electronics topics will be present. Their relation with electrical engineering subject has to be studied. Those who want to go for post graduation after electrical engineering can select the subjects of power electronics, power systems, industrial drives, control systems and others.

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