Eligibility and other details of admission into JKC training | What are topics taught in the JKC training program?

July 21st, 2010| Education.

Eligibility and other details of admission into JKC training | What are topics taught in the JKC training program?
Many surveys are concluding that the qualities in the students required for the jobs are very less and mainly only 25% of the engineering students are having the qualities required for a job. So to overcome this, training is provided in the jawahar educational centers. By registering in these, students can get many advantages.

Great use with the certification:
With the JKC registration, the students can get 3 to 4 certifications and they can write the Microsoft, oracle, IBM DB2 exams which have separate workshops. Those who qualify these exams will get the placement and the certification is the reason for the placements for the JKC students even there is recession. If the students take the coaching from the first year, they can get the certification every year and they will have 3 to 4 certifications at the end. Along with this, they can also get central government certification which is modular employable skills. The SAP training is also started in few colleges in this year and at present there are 400 colleges in which JKC training centers are there.

The students can increase their skills during the time of interview and it is important to note that more than 1000 students from JKC got placements in the popular companies. The companies like the Infosys, Mahindra satyam, satyam BPO, TCS etc are hiring more number of students.

The training given in the soft skills, reasoning and quantitative ability are useful even during the off campus. There is also a possibility to select the JKC students in many companies. The certifications obtained by the students in the training are very important and the mock tests, group discussions, interview training are also useful.

What type of training?
The training related to the career is started in the first year after the name is registered in the JKC. First the career counseling is given to know the interest of the student and the training given from the second year is as follows:

  • Second year (first semester) :

They will give the information of the career schedule and recognize the related strength in the student. They conduct two workshops for this and they provide the CDs and books to increase the capabilities. These are useful during the whole training.

  • Second year (second semester) :

Counseling is given on the topics related to the career selected by the student.

  • Third year (first semester) :

Training is given the soft skills, reasoning, communication skills and the problem solving fields.

  • Third year ( second semester) :

The training in the soft skills, reasoning, communication skills and problem solving topics is continued. There is required preparation for the campus   interviews and pre knock test.

  • Forth year ( first semester) :

There will be refresher course for the placements and then campus placements will be conducted.

  • Forth year (second semester) :

They should do the JKC project.

The students who register for the JKC are given online tests. These will be helping the students estimate the aptitude, technical, soft skills fields. There will be online content also and the students can attend the training in their colleges only.

Eligibility and registration details:
The students who study in the JKC registered colleges will get the training and so the students should check whether there is JKC training or not in the college.

  • The students who are completing their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years of engineering in 2011, 2012, 2013 are eligible.
  • MCA 2nd and 3rd year pass outs in 2011, 2012 are eligible.
  • MBA 2nd year candidate are also eligible.
  • Degree students are also eligible.

The students studying first year in engineering, MBA, MCA can also register but they will concentrate only on the career counseling in the first year. The training will start from second year and the students with any marks can register. The companies will decide the marks eligibility and those who have registered in the past need not register again and need not renew it also. The applications for the MBA, MCA and engineering categories are different and they should be downloaded from the IEG website.

  • Registration fee: Rs.3000 (Rs.500 for Scand ST candidates)
  • Last date: august 31st , 2010.

Training for the MCA and B.Tech candidates:

The training is given for those students who completed the graduation also and it is conducting a placement program for the B.Tech (computer science, information technology, electronics, electrical engineering) and MCA candidates. Those who are selected or this program are given training in the soft skills, spoken English and skills required for the industries. They should pass the B.Tech or MCA in the 2009 or 2010 years. They should get 60% marks in all the courses from tenth and there should not be any backlogs. They should register through online (www. ieg.gov.in/swtraining). Last date: 20 July, 2010.

B.Sc in maths IT employees:

The ITG is providing the jobs for the B.Sc with maths candidates and the students who completed B.Sc with maths or computer science in 2010 are also applicable. JKC is going to fill the 300 vacancies in the popular IT companies. They should attain 60% in all the course from tenth. The salaries for the candidates will be from Rs.12000 to Rs.18000. the selection process is done in Hyderabad and the details are sent through email. Last date for registration: 20 July, 2010.