Employment opportunities with civil engineering

July 16th, 2010| Jobs.

Employment opportunities with civil engineering

There is no unemployment problem for civil engineering candidates because of increasing demand due to building constructions, highway constructions and water irrigation projects. Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Consultancy Engineers, L and T, Ramky and other companies are directly coming to university engineering colleges for recruitment. Skilled candidates can also succeed as consultants.

‘Why’ instead of ‘what’

Engineering students should learn to question ‘why’ instead of ‘what’. Students trying to get answers for such questions will top the race. One should know the reason behind incompliance between technology and place of utilization sometimes. Work done by civil engineers will be seen by every one. So, if any mistake arises in them, comments are inevitable. Right from leakage of dam to the damage of road, comments from public are inevitable. People will remember the engineer for ever if they are benefited by them. Sir Arthur Cotton is example for it. Even his burial is considered as sacred by the people.

Students completing this course should work with many other people. So, good communication skills are necessary. That too, the work should be according to the situation. One needs to have skill to console others. Candidate should be ready to work regardless of heat or rain. It is not possible to work in an air conditioned room. One needs to be able to work even when they are commented. Civil engineering candidates cannot go to other fields easily.

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