Energy released during a cyclone | Classification of Cyclone depending on Speed | Advantages of cyclones

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Energy released during a cyclone

Tremendous amount of energy is released during a cyclone. In the terms of atomic bombs, every twenty minutes of cyclone can be considered as atom bomb of one mega ton energy.

Classification of Cyclone depending on Speed

Cyclones are categorized based on the speeds of winds

Type Wind Speed (in kms per hour)
Tropical Disturbance Less than 32
Tropical Depression 32 to 50
Moderate Tropical Storm 51 to 59
Severe Tropical Storm 60 to 90
Tropical cyclone 90 to 119
Intense tropical cyclone 119 to 220
Very Intense Tropical cyclone Above 220

There are advantages also with cyclones

Not only there are losses due to cyclones like loss of people in many numbers, loss of crops, electricity, information, transport systems and others, but there are also advantages with these cyclones. Cyclone will relieve from the drought condition. Water reaches to the rivers sufficiently, some time more than sufficiently also. Under ground water will be improved. Drinking water problem will get reduced.

Cyclone will move the heat and energy in the temperate regions to high temperature latitude regions. As a result environmental balance is maintained in Tropo region.

Cyclones are not formed at a distance of 300kms from the equator, on both the sides. It is because Coriolis energy will be very less at this place. Without this energy cyclone can never exist.