Engineering counseling postponed again | Reason behind postponement of engineering counseling

August 11th, 2010| Education, In India.

Engineering counseling postponed again | Reason behind postponement of engineering counseling

Extra care taken by the authorities so that the permissions to Engineering Colleges are not delayed has resulted in the postponement of EAMCET counselling. The authorities brought the list of permitted colleges from All India Council for Technical Education.  But the technical board of education has observed that there are permission letters with out signatures, printing mistakes and that all the files are full of errors.  And thus the EAMCET counselling is postponed. The EAMCET committee has decided on 09th August 2010 that the EAMCET web counselling will be held only after the errors are rectified.  ICET counselling will be held with the old list, the ICET committee has decided.

Higher authorities have personally gone to Delhi to get the permissions to Engineering colleges from AICTE on 6th August.  They have brought the permission list but all the permission files are with errors.  It is observed that the names of the colleges, courses, number of seats and addresses are full of mistakes. Authorities are unable to recognize some colleges as the college addresses are not mentioned.  There is not clarity regarding the names of the branches for which the permission is given.  Some Engineering branches which were not applied for, were permitted in pharmacy colleges.  And it was observed that post graduate colleges in which seats does not exceed 12 in branches like M. tech and M.  Pharmacy, permissions were given for 100 seats each for a branch.  There are no covering letters for these permissions.  AICTE has assured that they would e-mail the covering letters.  Permission letters does not bear the signatures of the AICTE authorities.  So the permission letters are not valid.  EAMCET committee has decided that the EAMCET counselling will not be held until these lists are corrected.  So the authorities are getting ready to go to Delhi to amend the permission lists.  EAMCET counselling was scheduled for 4th week of August and was postponed to 1st week of September.  All these problems were raised, because AICTE has introduced online application and permission method.  ICET counselling also has these problems but web counselling will be held for MBA and MCA courses with the old college lists.  If the Government issues no objection certificate and G.O for the new colleges, they will be included in the counselling list.  ICET counselling will be held between August 19 -21.  Counselling dates will be informed on 11th August 2010.

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