Enrolling in electoral rolls in Thiruvananthapuram-Register names in electoral rolls in Kerala

June 1st, 2012| Electoral Rolls, How To, In India, Kerala.

Apply for inclusion of name in Electoral rolls in Kerala


Eligibility to apply for inclusion of names in electoral rolls in Kerala is the applicant must be a citizen of Kerala.  He/she shall have attained the age of 18 years on the date and the applicant must be a resident in the constituency in which he wants to enrol the name.

Concerned authority for registering names in electoral rolls in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kollam in Kerala is the Electoral Registration Officer of concerned Parliamentary / Assembly constituency.

The applicants in Kerala can register their names in electoral rolls in two ways.  There is a facility for the first time voters to register their names in electoral rolls online in the website of Chief Electoral Officer (CEO).  For applying for online registration of electoral rolls, the applicant must be of 18 years of age, and either his father or mother’s name should have been registered in the polling stations.  Election ID card of either of the parents shall be filled up.  The starting date of the online registration facility will be published by the election department.

Annual revision of electoral rolls is also taken up by the Election department in Kerala during which the applicant can submit the application in Form 6 to the Electoral registration officer for enrolling their names in electoral rolls. After receiving the application the designated officer will conduct a preliminary verification and the applicant will be asked to appear personally for hearing along with supporting documents.  The date, time and venue of the hearing will be indicated in Form 12.  The applicant will then be photographed and Electors Photo Identity Card will be issued online.

Documents required to be submitted along with the application for enrolling in electoral rolls in Kerala are the age proof and citizenship certificate and incase the applicant is transferred from other place proof of earlier entry in voter list shall be produced.  Form 6 is the application for inclusion of name in electoral rolls.  Form 7 is to be used for objection to include name, Form 8 for correction of details and Form 8A for transposition of entry due to shifting of residence in the same constituency. All the forms can be downloaded from the website.

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