E-passport system is going to be introduced to issue passports in time | 6 special centers will be opened in Andhra Pradesh for issuing passports

November 13th, 2010| News.

E-passport system is going to be introduced to issue passports in time | 6 special centers will be opened in Andhra Pradesh for issuing passports

Passport is the first step towards fulfilling the dream of getting a job in international markets.  Passport is compulsory to go to foreign countries for business purposes or pleasure trips.  Getting a passport is a tedious process.  Long queues and middle men scare the applicants.  Candidates are worried about the delay in issuing of passport even though all the necessary documents have been submitted.  Change is very little though there are many reforms in the system.  In this background, alternate arrangements have been made to reduce radii for passports.  Improved services are also going to be provided.

Much number of candidates is going to foreign countries for education purposes.  Passport has a great demand with the increase in number of business men and tourism.  There is a growth of 30% in passport applications when compared to previous year.  This explains the demand for passport.  There is a natural increase in demand for passports with increase in population.

At least 2,000 applications come to Hyderabad office requesting for passports.  But the passport office can issue only 1,500 passports daily because number of employees and other technical reasons.  This is the main reason for not issuing passports on time to the applicants.

E-passport method is being adopted to reduce the rush for passports and also to issue passports on time.  This will be completely in usage by June of 211.  6 special centers are being opened in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  Hyderabad will have 3 of these 6 centers and Vijayawada, Tirupathi and Nizamabad will have one each.  Authorities are trying to complete this by the end of March, 2011.

Uses of E-passport

Till now Vijayawada, Tirupathi and other centers were only facility centers, which means these centers, only accept applications and send them to Hyderabad.  In E-passport centers, accepting applications, verification etc are completed in these centers itself.  Tatkal applications will also be accepted here.  Verification of certificates will also be undertaken by the E-passport centers.  All these details will be saved in the computer.  These details will be sent to Hyderabad after E-processing.  Printing of passports will be done at Hyderabad.  Time taken to issue the passport will be same even though the applications are submitted at Hyderabad center or other E-passport centers.

Hyderabad is going to have 3 E-passport centers as there is always heavy rush for passports.  With the opening of E-passport centers in the remaining places of Andhra Pradesh, number of people who come to Hyderabad for Tatkal passport will also be decreased.  All this leads to decrease in rush at the main office.

Biometric passport

Biometric passport system will be available only after 1 ½ years.  Biometric system is not meant to reduce rush.  This helps in checking duplicate passports.  A chip is used in the Biometric passport which does not match with any other persons.

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