Essay writing section of Group I mains exam | Tips to be remembered while writing essays

January 19th, 2011| Education.

Essay writing section of Group I mains exam | Tips to be remembered while writing essays
Essay writing
Main intentions of conducting essay writing test is to assess the candidates’ creativity, subject knowledge, social awareness, connectivity to contemporary issues, decision making power, personality and others. So, candidates should check that their essays meet up to the intentions of the test.

Essay should give comprehensive information on a particular topic. Related aspects of the main point should also be focused. In normal general studies, questions are to be answered in the way they are asked – for/ against, advantages / disadvantages. But in the essay writing, one should write all aspects of a topic, even if they are not asked. Candidate should be balanced emotionally. He or she should not tilt one side while mentioning about two sides of a topic.

Include definition, meaning, evolution, examples, differences, comparisons, alternatives, and other aspects of the topic in the essay. Candidates can show their creativity in this section of essay writing. Unique content and different presentation will make the  essay outstanding. Way of expressing the matter is also important in essay writing. One can use proverbs, examples and other such, according to the necessity. Candidate should have command on language when they are attempting essay writing test.

  • Don’t write English words and sentences, when the essay is in Telugu. When it is necessary to write, it is better to write in Telugu script.
  • Use normal language and don’t use dialects and shortcut words. Bookish language should also be avoided. Don’t use technical and too difficult words. When it is necessary to write, mention their meaning and definition in brackets beside them.
  • Small sentences can be used to express well. Don’t complicate the essay by using big sentences.
  • Sentences with conjugation of English and Telugu words should be avoided. There will be loss when Telugu grammar is not followed in the essay due to English language impact.

Essay formation and presentation

Elements that are to be present in the essay should be mentioned necessarily. In the essay writing test, if it is asked to write an essay on ‘Recession in India, changes to be brought and the aspects of development, candidate should write the essay describing the recession, reasons for raise of recession, industries getting effected  by it, changes to be brought to face such situations, developmental aspects of those changes and related aspects. The essay will be complete, when all these aspects are covered. One should know about the aspects which are to be focused and which are not.

Writing rough copy for the essay helps the candidate to write the essay effectively. It takes 7 to 10 minutes to write rough copy for an essay. What are the topics to be covered? What are the subtopics? Importance to be given to each topic and the time to be spent on each topic, have to be clearly known. Introduction, essay body and conclusion are the three necessary elements of an essay.

Remember these points while preparing for essay test

Subheadings should not be used unnecessarily. Except for one or two sentences, essay should be written in paragraph format only. Quality of the essay is important than its length. Statistical data can be given here and there. Candidate should understand and write the essay, rather than by-hearting the  same.

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