Establishment of Mitti cool industry by Mansukhbhai | Eco friendly products from Mitti cool company challenging multinational companies

December 27th, 2010| News.

Establishment of Mitti cool industry by Mansukhbhai | Eco friendly products from Mitti cool company challenging multinational companies

Mitti cool industry by MansukhbhaiMansukhbhai was the person who had struck with the eco friendly idea to make the devices with mud. He was a school drop out after tenth class and he felt sad when all the people were criticizing him. He had nothing to do and so he started to learn the pottery which is the main occupation of his family. He had learnt all the things and by experience, he found that the pots made from the red mud are very strong and would withstand any condition. His parents were worried and they asked to search any other job instead of doing pottery which would not change their lives. So he started to work in the construction works as his parents wish but there was no use and no money was left.

Finally he went to his own village and he thought of doing other work. He started to think and he thought of changing the occupation of pottery according to the change in the generation. The poor people can’t by the electronic goods like water filter, refrigerator, cooker, pan etc. There are few others who are suffering to pay the electricity bills with many electronic goods and other people are not satisfied with the taste of the dishes cooked from the vegetables stored in the fridge. He started to think a lot and prepared the goods with red mud. He prepared the mud water filter, mud refrigerator, cooker and pan also. He did not think of the criticism done by other people and now he is not having the money to market them. So he took the loan of Rs.30,000 from the bank and he set up a factory with the name as Mitti cool.

First victory of Mansukhbai:
He told that the vegetables would be fresh until 8 days and the water in the filter would be very clean. There is no need of current and the working of the mud cooker and pan are also simple. His wife was comfortable with those products and he did not stop here with the satisfaction. He asked the Tata chemicals in Mumbai to test his products. They tested the products and said they were good. A person from Nairobi had visited his factory and ordered 500 water filters. This was the first victory of Masukhbhai and it was published in all the papers across Gujarat. He sold each filter for Rs.400. The news in the papers worked like advertisement and there were many orders placed for the products. There were orders from many cities like Mumbai, Patna, and Pune etc. The demand had increased to a stage that he sold more than fifty thousand mud pans and the people bought the refrigerators even they were priced at Rs.2500. So Masukhbhai became famous in Gujarat.

Companies dealing with Mansukhbhai:
It was profitable for Masukhbhai to make the eco friendly products in the world of plastic because of their eco friendly nature. Many companies came forward to sponsor the products and there are many companies like National Innovation Foundation and Gujarat Grassroots Innovation Network. The professors from IIM in Allahabad had given ideas and suggestions on packing and marketing. He had got the invitations from the Gujarat exhibition and international trade fair in Delhi. He had displayed the products and attracted the people and companies internationally. The center of India and Global Business School and the University of Cambridge had invited Masukhbhai for the international conferences. He had given the power point presentation in the conference also and the Mitti cool company has emerged as a local international company now. Masukhbhai is not educated and so he is educating his son with ceramic engineering.

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