Establishment of Pala dynasty | Devapala contribution to Pala dynasty

January 8th, 2011| In India.

Establishment of Pala dynasty | Devapala contribution to Pala dynasty

Pala dynasty is the one which came into existence through democratic rule in Bengal in 750 AD. The elections are recognized in the southern Asia and the first king of Pala dynasty is Gopal. He ruled from 750 AD to 770 AD and he extended his rule all over Bengal. Pala dynasty kings followed Buddhist religion and the Bengal kings consider the rule of Pala dynasty as golden period in the history of Bengal. Pala dynasty was in the existence from 750 AD to 1120 AD. They had constant rule and the people were happy and prosperous in their rule.  They had constructed many temples and Dharmapala had constructed Somapura Mahavihara which is a great Buddhist place in India subcontinent. The Pala dynasty reached its top position in the rule of Dharmapala and Devapala and they extended their empire towards northern India. There were restrictions to the rule in this period once again.

Devapala was the third king and he was the son of Dharmapala. Devapala extended the Pala Empire and he made the Pala dynasty as the strongest one in south Asia. He extended the Pala empire to Assam and Utkala in the east, Kamboja (modern day Afghanistan) in the north-west and Deccan in the south. After the death of Devapala, many independent empires came in to existence. Mahipala took up the rule after the death of Devapala and he ruled all over Bengal. Mahipala had reacted to Rajendra Chola and Chalukyas. Pala dynasty was affected a lot in the rule of Mahipala. The last king of Pala dynasty was Ramapala and he reconstructed the dynasty and he also won against Varendra. After that he extended the Pala dynasty to Kamapuram, Orissa and northern India.

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