ETS Scholarships Application | ETS Scholarships Selection Process | ETS Scholarships Details

September 13th, 2012| Education, News.

Educational Trusting Service (ETS) has announce the ‘Toefl India Scholar Scholar Pragram‘. Under this program, they give scholarships to the students studying in America, England and Canada. There are three scholarships worth of $10,000 each. These can be allotted to one student in each country of above said countries. Similarly there are four scholarships worth of $5,000 each. these are distributed to any four students, can be in same country or in different countries.

How they select the candidates for ETS Scholarships:
The selection process will be like as following. Depends upon Toefl score, the talent, other activities, analytical skills, creative knowledge, the final candidates will be selected for ETS Scholarships. For this they have to send 2000 words essay. Interviews will be conducted for finalised students.

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