Facilities in Kasturba Medical College at Mangalore and Manipal | Two Manipal University campus medical colleges

December 13th, 2012| Education.

Facilities in Kasturba Medical College at Mangalore and Manipal| Two Manipal University campus medical colleges

Manipal Univeristy is the best option if standard education is wished regardless of expenditure. Mainly, education in this college is important for settling in medical profession in foreign.

Manipal University is the one excelling in the education sector for nearly 50 years giving international standard education. The main attraction here is that many courses are offered in one campus as like the Nalanda University. This university is attracting even foreign students because of its best teaching and training.

In Manipal University, the facilities relating to the IT courses are more special. Campus is arranged with optic fibre cable wiring. Wify, MPLS, Data canters are set up in the critical locations.

Human being will be physically fit only when he mentally peaceful. Manipal University is giving such sort environment. The students here are having the facilities of cricket, hockey, football, swimming pool, gym, athletics track etc. Efforts are also being taken to retain the past fame and glory of the houses and temples belonging to the villages in the campus. 8 acres of land is taken for this purpose near the Manipal Lake.

The Kasturba Medical belonging to the Manipal University is in the two campuses. One at Manipal and the other at Mangalore. Kasturba Medical College was established in 1953. This is the first college in the private sector. It was started on the self financing basis. It slowly developed step by step and now it is one of the top 10 medical colleges in the country.

At Mangalore, Kasturba Medical College was started in 1955. This was established with the free clinical cooperation of the Government Venlock Hospital, and Lady Ghoshan Hospital, Mangalore. Free clinical section has been started in 1961.In 1962 PG Medical courses have started. It has got the recognisation of Medical Council of India in 1958. After that it even got the recognisation of the General Medical Council of Great Britain and Malaysian Medical Council. The anatomy museum in this college is world widely renowned. This college is giving the best facilities in the field clinical practice.