Facts about Indian railways

November 11th, 2010| In India.

Facts about Indian railways

Indian railways

Indian railways:

  • There is specialty for the Kolkata metro railway and it is the only metro railway which is having the underground process.
  • The first computerized registration is done in 1986 in Delhi.
  • The first electric train is started in 1925 in Mumbai.
  • The toilets in the trains are established in 1891 and this facility was available for the first class people only. In 1907, the facility was available for everyone in all the classes.
  • There are 18 rajdhani expresses and 26 satabdhi expresses in Indian railway.
  • There are 42 railway companies before independence.
  • The Indian railway is divided in to 9 zones.
  • The railway coaches are prepared in three areas in India and they are ICF in Chennai, RCF and BEML in Bangalore.
  • The National Railway Museum in Delhi was established in 1977.
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