Famous Hindu temples in foreign countries? | Details of various Hindu temples outside India

September 9th, 2010| In India.

Famous Hindu temples in foreign countries? | Details of various Hindu temples outside India

The Indians who are staying in foreign countries are showing their devotedness towards the god by constructing the temples in the areas they live. They are investing crores of money in the construction and they are constructing them in a different way. The temples constructed in many countries are getting popular and they are inculcating the Hinduism in many people. They are attracting the people with different architect styles.

Temple in London:


The temple is constructed for 14 years and they have invested Rs.109 crores in the construction. This temple is constructed in the capital city of Britain and it is constructed in the Wembley city where there are more number of Hindus. This Sanathan Hindu mandir is constructed in 2.4 acres and the height of the temple is 66 feet high. They have followed the sculpture construction technology and the sculptures are made with limestone in Gujarat in Sola town. The specialty of the temple is that they did not use the steel in the construction. They have arranged 41 statues in the temple without considering the religions. There are the sculptures of mother Theresa, Gurunanak, Meerabhai and Swaminarayan statues. The temple was inaugurated in the presence of many devotees in a wonderful way.

Sri Swami Narayan temple:

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

This temple is constructed in the Brentfield road in London in 1995. They used 2828 tones of Bulgarian limestone and 2000 tones of Italian marble in the construction of this temple. The construction took place for 2 years and they have invested Rs.82 crores. This temple is called as Neasden temple and this is the first temple constructed by IROPA. This is the biggest temple outside India and it had entered the Guinness book of world records in 2000.

Venkateswara temple in Birmingham:

Venkateswara temple in Birmingham

The Venkateswara temple is constructed near to Dumbly in west midland in Britain. The temple is constructed with Rs.40 crores and in 12.5 acres. This is constructed in a similar manner to the venkateswara temple in Tirupathi.

Swami Narayan temple, Toronto:

Swami Narayan temple, Toronto

The Swami Narayan temple is constructed in Toronto in Canada. The temple is constructed with Rs.64 crores and two thousand workers had worked to complete this temple. This is constructed with Turkey limestone and Italy marble. This temple is started in 2007.

Swami Narayan temple, Atlanta:

Swami Narayan temple, Atlanta

This is the biggest temple outside India and is constructed in 30 acres and 32 thousand square feet. The sanctum is 75 feet high and the stones used in construction are 34,450. The statues were prepared with 1300 members. The investment for this temple is up to Rs.100 crores.

Other big temples:

Sri Venkateswara Swami temple, Illinois

Venkateswara temple, New Jersey

Murugan temple, Sidney

Venkateswara Temple, Sidney

Meenakshi temple, Texas

Ektha Mandir, Irving

Lakshmi Temple, AshLand

Venkateswara Temple, Pittsburgh

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