Famous king in Kerala, Pazhassi Raja | Pazhassi Raja was the lion of Kerala

November 22nd, 2010| In India.

Famous king in Kerala, Pazhassi Raja | Pazhassi Raja was the lion of Kerala

Pazhassi Raja

Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja belongs to the Kottayam kings family and the region named Pazhassi was under the control of this king. So the name of the king had become Pazhassi raja.  The Kottayam dynasty is in Kannur district in Kerala. The Mysore king Hyder Ali had fought against Malabar Coast for the second time in 1773 AD as the kings did not pay the tribute for Hyder Ali according to the agreement in the 1768 AD. The king’s family members had fled to Travancore. The people in Malabar did not fought against the Mysore kings even they are against them as they would kill them cruelly.

Pazhassi king did not escape like others but he fought against the Mysore kings and defeated them. The Kerala king was not having the weapons like Hyder Ali and so he gathered the Kerala army and fought guerilla struggle against them. Pazhassi Raja had set up many bases in the Puralimala mountains and fought the battle from there as the Mysore kings could not reach those mountains. The people praised the Pazhassi king as he stood for them in the time of difficulties. The king of Chirakkal had surrounded the Talassery  region and the British had helped Pazhassi king at that time. The British provided weapons which were useful for Pazhassi king and the Chirakkal army was defeated by Kerala king. The Mysore kings were defeated with the help of the British and later on Pazhassi king had fought against the Tipu Sultan and British army.

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