Changes seen in different fields in 2001-10 decade, in Hyderabad | How Hyderabad has changed in different facets in this decade (2001-10)

December 30th, 2010| News.

Changes seen in different fields in 2001-10 decade, in Hyderabad | How Hyderabad has changed in different facets in this decade (2001-10)

Bhagyanagar (Previous name for Hyderabad) is the one which has been constructed in memory of Bhagamati. Progress of this city in this decade (2001-10) was never like before. Nizam ruler of that day has prayed god to keep this city alive with full of people. That became true today. Hyderabad city is filled with lots of population. Many sensations are recorded in different fields. Tourism, hospitality, transport, flyovers, real estate, software, industries and other fields have developed much.

Transport system in Hyderabad

Transport facilities play an important role because there is much increase in the population and dimensions of the city in this decade (2001-10). APSRTC has raised number of busses from 2,463 to 3,550, throughout this decade. But then, when compared to the necessities of city people, bus facilities are still not sufficient. In this decade, double decker buses have been banned from usage.

Real Estate Sensation and prices

In this decade (2001-10), sensational changes have took place with regard to real estate field. Real estate boom started in the year 2004. Many factors have raised the prices of lands around Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy district. Economic recession and other factors have caused this boom to come down, but the prices to be raised over a period of fifty years, have raised in this decade itself.

Many prestigious moments for Hyderabad

In 2000, dimension of Hyderabad was 172 sq.kms with a population of 36.30 lakhs. In 2007, greater Hyderabad with area of 625 sq.kms and 1.10 Crores population stood as one of the biggest metro cities in India. Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority has expanded its area to 7,146sq.kms and is now extended to 5 districts and 55 mandals.

Tourism and hospitality fields’ growth

Buddha purnima project which is intended to protect historical places of Hyderabad has been initiated in this decade. Ramoji Film City, Charminr, Salarjung Museum, Zoo park, other amusement parks in Hyderabad are attracting national and international tourists. Ten year back, numbers of tourists visiting Hyderabad were two to three lakhs, but now nearly 20 lakh tourists are coming every year.

Retail, Multiplexes depict changing lifestyle

With the advent of ‘Subhiksha’ in 2007, many other retail stores have sprouted in Hyderabad. Thousands of people are getting employment at these retail stores. Multiplexes stand as an example for changing life style of city residents.

New flyovers in this decade (2001-10)

Flyovers are constructed in Hyderabad for easy flow of traffic. Of the 43 flyovers and road over bridges in the city, 15 are constructed in this decade (2001-10). PV Narsimha Rao Express way, Punjagutta Fly over and Nalgonda flyover are the top three flyovers in terms of length.

Classic language status for Telugu

Telugu language which has hundreds of years history, has got the status of Classic language in this decade only (2001-10). Role of universities, Telugu linguistic organizations, scholars and language lovers is commendable in this process.

Everyone is praising education field in Hyderabada

Ten years back, students of Andhra Pradesh used to look at other states for engineering, medical and other higher education courses. But now, Hyderabad has changed in to an education hub. 200 engineering colleges, 8 medical colleges, 100 MCA colleges and otherrs have sprouted in the city. Fee reimbursement scheme has got much popularity. .

Famous people from Hyderabad

Few Hyderabad residents have got international fame in different fields. Few of them are Dia Mirza, Diana Hayden, Meghna Naidu, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Chetan Anand, Gutta  Jwala, Pullela Gopichad, Ali Khan, Mithali Raj, Mukesh, VVS Laxman, Pragyan  Ojha, Sri Ram and others.

Krishna Water turned to Hyderabad

Water needs of Hyderabad city residents have got doubled in this decade. Nearly 330 million gallons of water is needed daily. In 2003, first stage and in 2007 second stage of Krishna river water is being supplied to the city.

Outer Ring road project

With an intention to prevent traffic problems and to raise the standards to international level, government has took up outer ring road project. Outer ring road is constructed along 158 kms and 33 radial highways are constructed to connect this road.

Hyderabad as Fashion Hub

Hyderabadis will be ahead in accepting new fashion trends.  Youth is showing more interest towards fashion and apparel designing. Hence, many such institutes have sprouted in the city, in this decade.

MMTS reducing traffic burden

MMTS came into existence from 2003. MMTS services are available in three corridors, Falaknuma-Lingampally, Lingampally-Nampally, Secunderabad-Nampally. Capacity of this transport system has been raised from 60,000 to 1.30 lakhs. Second stage of MMTS is also expected to come soon.

From Begumpet to Shamshabad

Begumpet airport, which was used since Nizam’s period, is not in function now. Increase in traffic, relationship with international flights, lack of facilities for jumbo flights, have made us to switch to Shamshabad airport from Begumpet airport. Now it is being used for military, training and other purposes.

Shamshabad airport as international airport

International airport at Shamshabad has been inaugurated in 2008 February. It got best airport award very soon. Daily, more than 60 countries are using this airport for offering nearly 300 flight services, in total.

Software boom in 2001-10

Software field has rewritten the history in this decade (2001-10). Hundreds of national and multinational companies have started their offices in Hyderabad. Software, BPO, KPO companies have sprouted in this city. Though recession has pulled it backwards, software field is now progressing forward.

Inauguration of metro rail

Metro Rail project has been initiated in this decade only (20001-10). Metro rail is going to be implemented with an intention to reduce traffic problems in Hyderabad, but it is still is starting stages.

Double the number of vehicles

Even though public transport system is improving, number of private vehicles is also increasing. Personal needs, business needs or status, whatever may be the reason, the number of private vehicles has got doubled in this ten years.

Medical and pharmaceutical fields

Along with existing Osmania, Gandhi, NIMS hospitals, many corporate hospitals such as Apollo, KIMS, Yashoda, Narayana Hrudayala, Global and others have made Hyderabad popular as medical hub. With 70 super specialty hospitals, Hyderabad is getting international fame.

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