Financial assistance in IISER and nature of the courses offered in IISER | Maintenance and observation of the courses are one by two committees in IISER

December 28th, 2010| Education.

Financial assistance in IISER and nature of the courses offered in IISER | Maintenance and observation of the courses are one by two committees in IISER

Students who joined in PhD programs are given research/ teaching assistantships facility. Assistants will be given for four years based on the talent in the semester. After that, assistantship is extended based on the decision taken by Institute Doctoral Committee. With the permission of the department, students can work for 8 hours a week. Along with these assistantships, scholarships are given by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Department of Atomic Energy, University Grants Commission and Indian Council of Medical Research. Few institutions are offering many other facilities along with assistantships.

Integrated PhD program in IISER:
Integrated PhD course is available only in IISER in Kolkata. Specializations which are available in PhD programs are biological science, chemical science, earth science, mathematical science and physical science. The eligibility for PhD program is B.Sc/ BE/ B.Tech/ MBBS in related courses with a minimum of 60% marks.

The total number of seats in IISER for PhD program are 22 in which 5 are for physics, 5 for chemistry, 5 for biology, 5 for earth sciences and 2 for mathematics. The top 100 applications are shortlisted from the received applications. Interview is conducted for these 100 members and 22 are selected for the courses. Students who attend the interview are provided with second class train facilities and food.

Nature of the Courses provided in IISER:

BS – MS dual degree courses:

BS – MS dual degree course is the mixture of core and professional courses. The course is for five years and in the five years, core course should be studied for two years. One interdisciplinary course related to science will be there in each semester.  So, four interdisciplinary courses should be studied in four semesters. This courses are compulsory. In the third year, candidates can select any course as their specialization based on their interest. Every science department will provide the specialization to the students in the proper manner and these are called as professional courses. There are subjects like biology, chemistry, computer science, earth and environmental science, humanities and social sciences, interdisciplinary course, mathematics and physics in BS – MS dual degree programs.

PhD programs and their structure:

The subjects in the PhD programs are biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science,

Mathematics and physics. There will be course work, comprehensive examination, state of the art seminar and research work.

Maintenance and observation of the courses:

There is proper maintenance to perform the courses and there are special committees to look over the maintenance of the course. The Departmental Under Graduate Committee and The Departmental Post Graduate Committee are formed for the proper maintenance of the courses. Faculty and two students are the members of the committee. The duties of this committee is to do the changes in courses if required, adding new concepts, decisions and advices in the changing of the course, student academic merit evaluation and gathering the opinion of the students.

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