Fine arts courses | Universities offering Fine Arts

July 30th, 2010| Education.

Fine arts courses | Universities offering Fine Arts

Fine arts is the special course because the fine arts students can earn before completing the course. In this case there is no need to complete the course like engineering, medical etc. here the earning is based on the skills of the student and these students are applicable for bachelor courses only. There are master of fine arts courses in the case of higher studies.

JNAFA university:

This university has a good name in the fine arts and they used to conduct different entrance tests for the courses until 2008. And after 2008, they are conducting a common entrance test for all the courses.


Courses and duration:

  • BFA(applied arts) – 4 years
  • BFA(photography) – 4 years
  • BFA(animation) – 4 years
  • BFA(painting ) – 4 years
  • BFA(sculpture) – 4 years
  • (interior design) – 4 years

In Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra University is offering the courses like BFA (bachelor of fine arts), BA (painting), BA (sculpture), BFA (bachelor of music), bachelor of performing arts, bachelor of dance and diploma in music.

Annamacharya University:

This university is offering the courses like BA(sculpture) and BA (painting) courses which are for 3 years with inter as eligibility. It is also providing bachelor of music degree with eighth class as eligibility.

Andhra Mahasabha College of fine arts and media communication:

It is providing BA (music- only for women) with inter as eligibility and diploma in music with tenth as eligibility.

Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University:

It is providing 4 year BFA sculpture and 3 year bachelor of dance course with inter as eligibility. There are fine arts courses in few colleges.