Five principles for great career

October 8th, 2010| Education.

Five principles for great career

If the career profiles of some corporate company employees is observed many interesting things can be known.  The career graph of some people goes up and up.  Profits and losses of the company, ups and downs or recession can not affect the career of these people.  These employees look very happy and content.  Other people spend time with dissatisfaction.  These are the first to receive the pink slips.  The career of these people is never stable.

Encouragements, promotions or changing jobs, pink slips all depend on the working style and thinking of the employee.  A great career is possible if one works hard towards it.  Not only that, the employee will be an advantage to the company if he works with interest and discipline.  No organization will want to lose such employee.  The team also wants the leader to be with them.  Let us know about the five principles for a great career.

Great Career:  If the desire is strong it will definitely happen.  Develop the self confidence that the present job and career are great and it is possible to be successful in it.  If one feels that there is no encouragement and the career is not growing, the result will also be negative.

Future estimation: Estimate the latest trends in the field presently working in.  Observe what the experts are saying.  For example, if it can be analyzed that what the IT industry will be in the future and what would be advanced skills needed, one can try to develop these skills.  Knowledge is power.  So improve the knowledge continuously for a bright career.

Networking: Networking is the basic need for a great career.  One need not go anywhere for good networking.  Start the networking with the people around and in the company.  People around you can know your skills and talents.  Be in touch with the friends.  Talk to them at least once in a week or send them an e-mail.  They can help you when your job is in a problem.

Update: Update the resume even if you are already working or looking for a job.  That is the only weapon which shows the qualifications, experience and skills.  Offer letter is given only after going through your skills and qualifications.  So do not forget to update the resume.

Be Positive: Thinking negatively like this is not possible and I cannot do this, does not do any good.  Thinking positively is very important to grow in the career.  So increase positive thinking along with skills and self confidence.  Great career will be yours.

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