Forbes List Of Top 100 Richest Indians | Top 10 Rich people Asset value is $155B, is 4 times of Top 10 Rich people in China

November 20th, 2009| Prices.

Highlights of Forbes List Of Top 100 Richest Indians : Out of top 100 richest people, 52 people are billionaires. If we compare this count with last year (27), it is double.

This 100 members money $276billion (Rs.13 lakh crores) is equal to 4 percent of Indian GDP

Last year Mukesh money is $21 billion only.

Anil Ambhani has 46 percent money growth, but it is half in Mukesh ambhani’s money.

Compare to China richest people, Indian richest people have more money. Mukesh who is number 1 richest man in India, have 5 times more money than Wang Chunvu who is Top number 1 richest man in China. In India top10 richest people’s money grown with 60 % increase and reached to $155 billion. This is 4 times more than top 10 richest people in China.

Out of top 100 richest people, only 6 women are there.

india rich peopleTop 10 richest people in INDIA 2009-2010 and their properties are

Mukesh Ambhani                   $32 Billion

Laxmi Mittal                             $30 Billion

Anil Ambhani                         $17.5 Billion

Ajeem Premji                          $14.9 Billion

Shashi, Ruyaa                          $13.6 Billion

KP Singh                                    $13.5 Billion

Savithri Jindhal                      $12 Billion

Sunil Mittal                               $8.2 Billion

Kumara mangalam Birla      $7.8 Billion

Goutham Adhaani                  $6.4 Billion

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