Forbes World Top Richest list People | Wealth of world Top 50 richest people is $227.9 Billions

March 12th, 2010| News.

Forbes World Top Richest list People | Wealth of world Top 50 richest people is $227.9 Billions
In the list of the World’s richest persons released by Forbes, three Telugu (Andhra Pradesh) people, Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao, G.V. Krishna Reddy and Dr. Anji Reddy have got place. Mukesh Ambani has defended his position as the richest Indian in the world. This is the second successive time that Mukesh has got this ranking. Mukesh Ambani, who has irreplaceable position in the petro chemicals field, has got fourth position in the world’s richest persons list released by Forbes, with a properties that value nearly $ 29,000 millions that comes to Rs. 1.34 Lakhs Crores. The only Telugu person to get a place in the top 500 riches in the world is Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao. GMR industries chief, Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao occupied 297th rank with $3,200 millions that is Rs. 14,720 Crores. Dr. Anji Reddy and GVK Reddy have shared the 937th rank with $ 1000 millions.

Carlos Slim of Mexico stands top of the list with $ 53,500 millions that is Rs. 2.46 lakhs Crores. He stood at 7th position in the last year. First two people of the riches list of the last year, Bill gates and Warren Buffet, have dropped to second and third positions. Laxmi Mittal, with $ 28,700 millions is the second Indian to be listed in the top 50 riches in the world of this year. While Mukesh’s property value increases by $ 9,500 millions, the property value of Mittal has increased by $ 9,000 millions. Wipro chief, Azim Premji has stood at 28th Position with $ 1, 700 Crores and Anil Ambani has stood at 36th Position with $ 1, 370 Crores. They both have lowered by two ranks when compared to their ranks in 2009. Essar Group promoters, Sasi Ruia and Ravi Ruia stood at 40th Position with $ 13,000 millions, who were at 86th position in the last year.

The wealth of all Indian riches together is $ 227,900 millions while it was $ 118,900 millions in the last year. The number of people getting place in the top fifty list of Forbes has doubled within a period of 24 years. Mukesh and Mittal have entered top 10 rankings.

Two Indian Ladies in world richest persons list
Two Indian ladies have got place in the world richest persons list released by Forbes. They are Savitri Jindal and Indu Jain. O.P.Jindal Group Non executive chairperson Savitri Jindal stands at 44th position with $ 12200 millions and the chairperson of Bennet and Colmen company, Indujain stands at 354th position witih $ 2800 millions. The chief of world’s largest retail chain outlet, Christy Walton stands first in the list of riches among ladies with $ 22500 millions. She is at 12th position in the world’s richest person. Allice Walton, belonging to Wallmart, stands at second position among ladies with $ 20600 millions. Liliane Betencourte of Lee O’real Company stands at third position among ladies with $ 20000 millions.

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