Foreign Education | How the Letter of Recommendation should be? | With whom the Letter of recommendation should be written?

November 17th, 2012| Education.

Letters that show talent……..Letter of recommendation

When opting for higher education in foreign countries. Though your academic record may be good and the bank statement shows your financial stability, it is important to know about the students skills, whether having lab talents, is he having good extra curriculum? All these questions can be cleared by submitting a letter of recommendation. Letter of recommendation is the mirror of all this information. This is to be framed by a person not relating to the student. Generally foreign institutes give importance for the recommendation letters written by the professors or principal of the college where the student studied or renowned persons in the respective field.

Giving shape to letter of recommendation

It is better that this letter of recommendation is one page in size and does not exceed two pages. Readers find it pleasant if it is accomplished in 600 to 700 words. It is advisory to write under the subheadings of introduction, content and conclusion. Two lines of space should be present after two paragraphs. Some institutes are preparing special format for the letter of recommendations. In this case, it is good to go in that way.

How the Letter of Recommendation should be?

A letter of recommendation should depict the students’ attitude, behavior and knowledge. While certificates show the academic knowledge of a person, letter of recommendation shows the other skills of the students. The description of leadership qualities, personality, attitude, integrity, pushing nature and willing nature will benefit. Experience in those aspects should be mentioned. For example…how is his behavior in labs? Was he awarded for it? It should be clearly stated that the person writing this letter knows well the candidate. How is the relationship and how long since the person knows the candidate should be mentioned. In the introduction itself the willingness of the person for recommending should be mentioned. Along with this he should specify that he is in a position to assess the student’s talent and knowledge. The body of the letter should be of at least 2 to 5 paragraphs. This helps in conveying in full about the student. Finally the letter should end with his opinion about the student.

With whom the Letter of recommendation should be written?

Consultancy people comment that students are in dilemma as to with whom the letter should be written by. Some students are of the opinion it will be better to go for a renowned person. But apart from all these persons it is better to go to a person who knows about the student well and who can analyze the student’s skills and talent. So the letter given by their professors or deans will be of more importance. That too professor of his subject. In this aspect some students are facing problems. This problem is more for those who do not have good interaction with the faculties and those whose have not much inter personal skills. In case if the student applies for abroad studies while doing a job, the letter of recommendation given by the CEO of that institution is of utmost importance. No matter who gives the letter, it should convey the students’ ability in one page.

Approach the concerned persons for the Letter of recommendation

It is better to approach the concerned persons for the letter of recommendation in advance. You should tell about the need and importance his recommendation letter. Request at a maximum of 2 months in advance so that the person giving the letter can frame it in a better way. The letter should be got into the hands before the deadline. This helps in correction of any mistakes or wrong spellings. Academic records, job history, awards won, biographical information etc should be provided while requesting for the letter. This makes the task easy.

Importance of vocabulary in Letter of recommendation

The person who gives the letter of recommendation will be at a higher level than the student. So care should be taken regarding the vocabulary. The letter should be framed in such a way that it does not depict any personal interest.