Free download Mediafire links and free rapidshare links damages the Genuine WINDOWS 7 market | Windows 7 O.S. rates in India

October 3rd, 2012| News.

win_7Microsoft estimated a lot of turnover, as per the response came from world wide. But due to Pirated versions of Windows 7, the Microsoft reduced the Original Win 7 rates to 40% less than their initial rate.

Genuine Original Windows 7 O.S. rates in India: The genuine Windows 7 rate in India became as Rs.3799 for Home premium software. Where as the same in the whole world is Rs.10271. Similarly Win 7 Basic version price in India is Rs.5899 instead of Rs.11199 (cost in rest of world) and the Professional version of Genuine Windows 7 is available just for Rs11,799.

Actually, Microsoft planned to release the original windows 7 in India, a bit late. Because, they want to check the Indian budge, which come in April 1, about the taxes o softwares. But due to piracy, they released it soon.

Microsoft is thinking that, there will be problems in Updations of pirated Windows 7. At the same time Pirated DVD / CD vendors are planning about another technology to update the pirated Win 7. See how the technology tycoons are fighting.

And there are some social networks giving free download Mediafire links and free rapidshare links to their visitors. All these effect the Genuine WINDOWS 7 market.