Fulbright USIEF fellowships for Indian students for pursuing higher education in America | Various scholarships available under Fulbright USIEF fellowships

January 21st, 2011| Education.

Fulbright USIEF fellowships for Indian students for pursuing higher education in America | various scholarships available under Fulbright USIEF fellowships

Scholarships help those students who want to study in America.  Few scholarships in America are specially meant for Indians.  Fellowships provided by United States – India Educational Foundation are very important in these scholarships.  This organization is providing scholarships for studies, research, teaching and professional development.

Full bright – Nehru Doctoral and Professional Research Fellowships: These are pre-doctoral research fellowships.  These are sanctions for a maximum of 9 months.  Students who have registered their names for PhD in educational institutions in India are eligible for these scholarships.  They should also have work experience.

Full bright – Nehru Post Doctoral Research Fellowships: These are sanctioned for a maximum of 12 months.  Candidates who finished PhD and scholars from India are eligible.  Candidates should have finished PhD 4 years before when applying for scholarships.  These are provided for the candidates to improve their research capacities and resources.  These are meant for maintaining long lasting relationships with various educational institutions and faculties in America.

Full Bright – Nehru Senior Research Fellowships:  These are sanctioned for faculty, researchers and professions working in almost all disciplines.  PhD, publishing work or equivalent experience is the eligibility condition. These are given for 8 months.  Selected candidates will have to work on current affairs research, procuring knowledge etc.

Fulbright – Nehru Visiting Lecture Fellowships:  This is also like a scholarship sanctioned only for 4 months.  These are provided to increase awareness in internationalization of curriculum and recent developments in India.  Candidates all disciplines can get these scholarships. Research options available are Agriculture Sciences, Economics, Education, Energy, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Environment, International Relations, Management and Leadership Development, Media and Communication, Public Administration, Public Health, Science and Technology.  Language and Literature, History, Government, Economics, Society and Culture, Religion and Film study are also available under Current affairs study in India and Study in America.

Fulbright – Nehru Masters Fellowships for Leadership Development:  These fellowships are sanctioned for those candidates who have better leadership qualities.  Candidates should have done Bachelors degree or equivalent courses in America.  They should also have three year professional or work experience.  Candidates can pursue masters course in American colleges and Universities with these scholarships in Art and culture management including Heritage Conservation and Museum Studies, Business Administration, Communication Studies, Conflict resolution, Economics, Environment, Public Administration, Urban and Regional planning and Women studies.

Fulbright – Nehru environmental Leadership Program: This program is meant for public, private organizations and middle level professionals in NGO’s.  4 months scholarship is provided for working in Environmental Information/System Reporting, Environmental Education, Environmental Policy, Regulations and Law, Environmental Sciences and Taxology and Environmental Management.

Herbart H. Humphry Fellowships:  This is given to middle level policy planner in government and non-government sectors.  This is given for professional development in Agricultural and Rural Development, Communications/Journalism, Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Prevention, Economic development, Finance and Banking, Educational Administration, Planning and Policy, HIV/AIDS policy and Prevention, Human Resource Management, Law and Human Rights, Natural Resources, Environmental Policy and Climate change, Public Health policy and Management, Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration, Teaching of English as a Foreign Language – Teacher training or Curriculum development and Technology.

Fulbright – Teacher Exchange Program: School teachers working for 6 to 12 classes are eligible for this program.  This is an exchange program with American teachers for a semester period in English, Mathematics and Science.

International Fulbright Science and Technology award:  Candidates should have completed a course that is equivalent to American Bachelors Degree in Indian educational institutions.  They should also have done a course that qualifies for doing PhD in America’s top institutions.  Candidates can do research in Aeronautics and Astronomic, Aeronautical Engineering, Agriculture in theoretical or research based focus, Astronomy/Planetary Sciences, Biology, Bio medical engineering, Chemistry, Computer Sciences/Engineering, Energy, Engineering in Electrical/Chemical/Civil, Mechanical/Ocean/Petroleum, Environmental science/Engineering, Geology/Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Information Sciences and System, Materials Sciences/Engineering, Maths, Neurosciences, Oceanography, Public health and Physics subjects.  More details can be had from UNIEF region office.

Address: UNEIF regional office, American Consulate Building, Annasalai, Chennai – 044-28574131.

Website:  www. usief.org.in

E-mail: ip@ usief.org.in