Future Demand course IFRS | Online coaching of IFRS course by PIRON institute

March 20th, 2010| Education.

Future Demand course IFRS | Online coaching of IFRS course by PIRON institute

If one is interested in maths and numerical, good jobs can be achieved by doing courses like IFRS. Full form of IFRS is International Financial Reporting Standards. IFRS training will be advantageous in understanding the financial statements, loss and gain reports, balance sheets and cash flow statements pertaining to companies. Mainly, MBA and CA students can make out best out of this course.

IFRS is going to get more demand in India in the near future. Keeping in view the companies needs, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is going to introduce it from April 2011.

In MBA also….
Aspects taught in the IFRS course are added to the syllabus of MBA courses by the institutions. Many private educational institutions are making IFRS training as a part of management syllabus with an intention of turning the students more beneficial for the companies according to their needs. Mainly, this training is given compulsorily in international MBA program.

Some educational institutions have come to an agreement with private companies in providing IFRS course. NIIT Imperial institute is offering advanced certificate in IFRS course in collaboration with KPMG. Demand of IFRS course will shoot up as ICAI is also introducing the course. Presently, almost Rs. 30, 000 is charged for 100 hours of training.

PIRON institute is offering IFRS training in online process. Video conferencing method through reliance web world is used to conduct classes and exams. IFRS course is available in 105 cities across India.