Future opportunities…The main fields in BPO field:

July 20th, 2010| Jobs.

Future opportunities…The main fields in BPO field:

Customer support service:

There are technical help and help desk facilities in this part. Those who are in this field offer services to the corporate clients and other clients. They have a direct contact with the customers.

Marketing services:

The main fields in this are marketing and sales. It is mainly in telemarketing and content development fields. They provide services to the customers who order the products through phone.

Human resource services:

They outsource payroll benefits, training, recruiting, personal administration, contingent work force management etc.

Finance accounting services:

This does the transaction processing and it also helps the clients in providing the financial analysis solutions in taking the business decisions.

Engineering services:

The main duty of this field is to provide the technical consultancy and the are research, development, product development, product design, documentation and engineering analysis.


The main thing is supply chain management and its main intention is to reduce the inventory cost and maintain the delivery schedule. Invoice collection, payment processing, transportation root optimization, warehousing are there in this field.

Health care:

It is a new trend and started with medical transcription. It provides management and medical image services.