Why did the value of Gadwal saris fall down? | Geographical identification for Gadwal Saris

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Why did the value of Gadwal saris fall down? | Geographical identification for Gadwal Saris

Gadwal saris

The women have special interest towards the saris and they speak of saris where ever they go. The main type of saris which the women attract is the gadwall saris. The gadwall saris are very popular and they had recently got the recognization of the geographical identification.

The value of the gadwall saris had fallen when the duplicates were prepared in the areas like Ananthapur, Done, Kurnool etc. With the effect of this, the living of the weavers was in trouble. The weavers had revolted in 2002 to give the geographical identification for the gadwall saris and the government had responded to the revolution and appointed separate team for the survey. And finally the gadwall saris had got the geographical identification recently.

The specialty of the Gadwal saris is given as they use the cotton, silk and jeri which are having 100% quality. They prepare the saris with many varieties and there are few varieties like cotton, silk, tassar, pattu etc. The price of the saris vary from Rs.1000 to Rs.12000 and they are even exported to America and London also. There are transactions of eight crores to twelve crores every year.

They weave the  Gadwal saris in the areas like Gattu, Maldacal, Macharla, Rajole, Alampur, Kothapet etc in the Mehaboob Nagar. The Rajole area saris are famous after the gadwall saris. There are 2000 families who are weaving the Gadwal saris and they are selling the saris in more than 70 shops and houses. There are 7 to 8 dealers who are doing the business on the orders of Gadwal saris.

They had established Gadwal cluster unit with Rs.60 lakhs in 2008 to give the training for the workers and they had selected 350 members to give training. They had given the training for 40 people on applying the colors but later on it was stopped due to politics.

Gadwal weavers problems:

Even though the weavers of Gadwal are having good name, their living conditions are normal only. There used to be more than 2000 weaving machines (maggams) in one Gadwal and they had fallen to 300 in the present days. the main reason for this is that the increase in the piece of the raw materials. The price of the silk was Rs.1500 and it is increased to Rs.3000. the price of the jeri had increased to Rs.2800 from Rs.1400. The price of the cotton also increased to Rs.950. The owners who used to give the money for the raw material in the past are now asking the weavers to complete the sari and take the payment. So, the weavers are living finding new sources like vegetable stall, shops etc.

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