GATE Paper Pattern and analysis of GATE Question papers

October 2nd, 2010| Education.

GATE Paper Pattern and analysis of GATE Question papers

  • There would be 65 questions for 100 marks in GATE exam.  There would be one mark, two mark questions; linked questions and common data questions.  These are all objective multiple choice questions.
  • The first 25 marks are one mark questions.  26 to 55 questions are of 2 mark questions and 56 to 65 questions are aptitude questions.  56 to 60 questions are again 1 mark questions and 60 to 65 questions are 2 mark questions.
  • General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics are very important in GATE.  These questions are asked in 10+2 level concepts.  Preparing well in Aptitude helps for banking and software jobs along with GATE.
  • Mathematics questions are asked for 15 marks.  So do not neglect mathematics.
  • 70 to 80% of the question paper consist problems.

Negative marks in GATE

Negative marks method is followed in GATE.  If wrong answer is written for a 1 mark question, 1/3 mark will be cut down.  If the question is a 2 mark question 2/3 mark will be cut down.  So attempt questions which you are confident of. Those questions which consume a lot of time should be attempted at the end.  It is better to leave questions for which answers are not known.

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