Get Gas Connection through Online | Know your Gas Connection Status on Online

January 20th, 2010| News.

A new scheme is designed by the State government to get the gas connection and by this scheme there is no need to wander around the gas dealer to get the gas connection but one can get the gas connection by registering the name in online itself.

This scheme is brought into light with the help of E-Seva. To use these services a fee of Rs.5 to Rs.10 is been collected from the applicant and the work starts as early as possible.

There is special software for utilizing this service and even that process is completed as soon as possible by the government. The process of this service is if once the applicant registers in the online for the new gas connection the serial number of the oil company or the dealer serial number is given to the applicant and by that number the applicant can know the details like the waiting list, connection details through online only.

Through this process the candidates can get the connection based on the seniority and one can know the demand for the new connection in the country through this service. Till the festival season the scarcity of gas connections are reduced based on the orders given by the oil companies to all the dealers.

There are chances to give nearly three lakhs of new gas connections under light scheme and the amount of Rs.56 crores for this process is been given by the Financial department. There are also measures taken for giving other new cylinder connections for around 6 lakhs of applicants under this scheme. For this process the oil companies asked some period of time to implement the scheme.

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