Get Universities Certificates with a single Mouse Click

November 11th, 2012| Education, News.

Get Universities Certificates with a single Mouse Click
There is no need to wander around the Universities for getting the certificates from the next year onwards. From 2011 the students can get their educational certificates just by sitting at home and by a single click on the mouse.

For this process orders are been passed by the Human Resources Department to all the School boards, colleges and Universities to register the students certificates in the Online “Depository”.

The students can get their certificates just by paying a small amount of fee and can get their certificates through online “Depository” and they can even get the print out of those certificates just by sitting at home.

The process of registering the student’s regional data base is started by the department to proceed with further services and these services are very useful for the students, educational institutions and employment offices a lot.

The institutions need not go to the particular department to check whether the certificates are original or duplicate ones because by this online depository process there is no chance for the scams like creating duplicate certificates and marks lists can be avoided.

For this a special task force is also arranged by the HRD department and the central financial, planning commission, CBSE, UGC, IIM, AICTE and HRD are acting as the supporting members in this task force committee. The task force starts functioning from March 31st by sending its recommendations and complaints to the government.