Give Indian Railways Bribe complaints at 155210 Toll Free Number

Give Indian Railways Bribe complaints at 155210 Toll Free Number

This was one of the powerful Mobile Helpline numbers which was designed by the Railway department. The specialty of this number is one can call this number and complain if any Railway officer ask for a bribe. This is a 24 hrs Railway Vigilance Helpline number which had tie up with any BSNL mobile / landline. By dialing this number we can contact the South Central Railway SCR’s vigilance department. The complaints can be given in these cases…

* If any brokers / mediators try to assure you regarding your parcel bookings  or reservation
* If any railway officer ask for a bribe to get your seat / berth booked or to give back your parcel booking or in issuing your ticket.
* If any railway officer ask for the profit which is not official.

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4 thoughts on “Give Indian Railways Bribe complaints at 155210 Toll Free Number”

  1. Dear Sir,
    We sending goods regularly from tirupur through our railway parcel service, people working in tirupur railway parcel service are asking for bribe regularly, even for the porter to the police man sitting there is asking bribe, iam a poor youngster started my business after a great struggle im sending knitted garments , some time the quantity of the goods will be around 100 pcs only , for even sending this goods i have to pay minimum of 100 rs BRIBE DETAILS (markerr -20, porter 50rs for small bag, 100 for big bag, railway police 20, one day i said i have only 5 rs remaining even he grabbed that from me ) so this automatically increases my product value to 1rs, my profit margin is itself 50pcs per garment only. And the main thing is they are using very bad words against us and the incharge sitting there is been drunk even in the duty time, im sending this complaint after waiting a long time to see if they at lest change a little , but till now they are like that only. And they are blackmailing that if bribe is not given they will not send the goods, if they make one day delay i have to bare the debt from my costumer so i have no other option than giving a bribe. I hope you will understand my feelings, and take a necessary step . If you consider this complaint as one in a lakh , ii dont have anyother option as like same suffering now, anyway i have to do business , bcoz i have to live…. by a struggling INDIAN

  2. I am travelling by Guwahati Express 5648 dt 7th Dec 2010 frm Guwahati to Mumbai in AC2 tier PNR 6250383657. When I boarded train my status was RAC 3. While passanger next to me was having status RAC 1. One of the passanger didn’t board from New Bongaegaon. So TTE allocated seat to RAC 2 status person instead RAC 1. But when that person ( who was suppose to bard from Bongagaon ) boared train after 4 hrs, TTE allocated him new birth by accepting bribe of Rs 200 by TTE who is having duty till Mugalsarai but is not allocating the seat to any of us, rather by taking brieb of Rs 200-400 allocating it to other passangers. First he told tht RAC will be cleared from Patna, now saying it will be cleared from Mugalsarai. Morever he is allowing running passangers to travel in A/c compartment by accepting bribe & without any fine. Its very strange rather why Indian railway started IRCTC or any such drama? Morever Train is in complete mess, no cleanliness, no attaindent, toilets are in worst condition, no compalint book. Then what’s use of reservation system or charging excessive to reservation candidates.

  3. i was travelling in chetak express on friday night 10.12.2010 and i see a bloody whore there who was eager to take money and give her…………. and ticket checker was also supporting her and that whore was paying bribe to tc in order to carry her buisness out .

    i got stunmned there so i hereby want to complain about that

  4. Sir, I booked a tatkal ticket at travel agent in kakinada. He said that he is giving e ticket but he gave station booked ticket. Is he eligible for giving station booking ticket. And he demanded Rs.500.00 per passenger. I enquired that he is the son of Rtd. Railway employee and he had good contacts with rly staff. So pl take necessary action on him otherwise I will lodge a suit on him. Details of the agent. SUMA COMMUNICATIONS. OPP. STYLE SPA, TADALA COMPLEX, BHANUGUDI JN. KAKINADA. E G DT.

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