Give more number of options in engineering counseling to improve chances of getting seats | Features and availability of ETM branch of engineering

September 6th, 2010| Education.

Give more number of options in engineering counseling to improve chances of getting seats | Features and availability of ETM branch of engineering

Candidates aspiring to get admitted in to engineering courses have to take necessary cautions while giving options. Because of introduction of many colleges and new courses this year, there is an increase of number of options from 2,783 of last year to 3,262 of present year (2010-11).

Some students give only limited options such as 20 or 30.This will not be good particularly if the student doesn’t get good rank. They might be  at loss of not getting a seat totally.

Technical education department has published a book about the information of seat allocation of last year (2009-10)’s engineering counseling. At  the time of certificate verification, these books are supplied to the students free of cost. The information given in that book is brief. Full details can be availed at the website. Many students are going for giving options without considering the information given in the book or website. This is not good for their career.

There is a chance of losing in seat allocation, even for a small mistake in giving options. For example, if there is a small mistake in college code, one can’t get their desired seat.

Students who want to study a particular branch of engineering course, should pay much attention in giving options. They should not make mistakes while giving the order. For instance, after giving ECE, CSE, EEE in JNTUH options, one should not give ECE, CSE, EEE in OUCE. By giving options like this, if you can’t get ECE in JNTUH, anyone of the remaining two will be allotted. So, those who have interest in a particular branch, should give options of every college with that branch, at the first.

Some students, without having proper knowledge on giving options, are depending on internet center operators and are following their instructions.  Rather than depending on inexperienced ones, it is better to take the help of experienced persons at the helpline centers.

85 engineering colleges have got AICTE permission for second shift organization. If the state government takes favorable decision, 10,000 additionally will be available. Since there are seats also in good colleges, there are improved number of chances for the  students to get seats in their desired branches. If the permission is given for these seats, they will be made available through second stage counseling.

ETM branch specialty

Electronics and Telematics is one of the special branches in engineering. It has many similarities with ECE branch. Of the 40 subjects, 36 subjects have to be studied in both of the branches. Hence while giving PG admissions in India and  abroad, ETM branch will be considered same as ECE. They will be having employment opportunities in telecom and IT fields.

This branch is made available in GNITS of Hyderabad only. Admission in to this branch of engineering can be got in open category when the students gets rank below 8,000.