Goal of BINC exam which is maintained by Jawaharlal Nehru University | Scholarships and fellowships details in BINC exam

December 28th, 2010| Education.

Goal of BINC exam which is maintained by Jawaharlal Nehru University | Scholarships and fellowships details in BINC exam

Few institutes are providing the diploma courses to PhD courses in bio-informatics. Every year many graduates are coming out but there is deficiency of the experts in this field. There are differences in the course, syllabus and teaching methods in various institutions. Experts are telling that there is deficiency in the quality of the course studied. So, Indian government is conducting the Bio-informatics National Certification Examination as a solution to the good quality in education.

Goal of BINC:

The main goal of BINC exam is to test the skills of graduates in bio-informatics and certificates are given to the qualified students. Importance is to given the students who are having the certificates in the job recruitments and for higher education. BINC certification will be like a bench mark for the students.

JNTU maintenance:

BINC exam which is conducted according to the idea of Central Science and Technology  Department is being held by Pune University from 2005 to 2010. Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi had taken the responsibility of conducting the exam.  Preparing the question paper, maintenance and other responsibilities are taken by JNTU in Delhi. Department of Bio-technology is giving the certificates to the people who are qualified.

Scholarships along with BINC certifications:

Scholarships are also given to the students along with BINC certifications and the top ten students are given Rs.10,000 every month. Department of bio-technology had agreed to give the fellowships to the PhD students who are attending the BINC examination. BINC scholarships are given with the name as DBT-BINC- junior research fellowships. To get this fellowship, people should complete PG from a recognized university and register their name for PhD program in bio-informatics. The first 15 students who are top in the BINC examination are given the fellowships in the name of DBT-BINC-JRFs. Fellowship will be given to bear the charges of laboratories, accommodation and equipment.

No limit to attend the BINC exam:

There are no limitations for the BINC examination and people can attend the exam until they qualify. There is no age limit for the exam. To get DBT-BINC-JRF, they should attend the BINC exam only three times.

No need of basics to attend BINC exam:

There is a chance to attend the BINC exam without the knowledge of any basics in bio-informatics. So any graduate in engineering, science, technology, pharmacy, agriculture, Veterinary science etc can attend the exam. Final year students in any course can attend the BINC exam.