The Great Exchange Offer From Big Bazaar | Exchange old items & get new items at Big Bazaar Great Exchange Offer

March 12th, 2011| In India.

The Great Exchange Offer From Big Bazaar | Exchange old items & get new items at Big Bazaar Great Exchange Offer
Big Bazaar Great Exchange Offer
Sell used items for more and spend less for buying new one. Exchange offer. Last date for redeeming exchange coupons is 27th March 2011.

Sell old items: Sell your old items for great prices. Shop for 4 to 10 times higher than the exchange couple value for getting discounts. Sell your old mattresses for Rs.2000 per mattresses and sell your old furniture for up to Rs.12,500. Sell your old vessels for Rs.150 per kilo and sell your old electronics for up to Rs.10,000. Sell old newspapers for Rs.30 per kilo and sell old clothes for Rs.250 per kilo. Sell old luggage for Rs.100 per bag and old type for Rs.50 per piece. Old shoes can be sold at Rs.50 per pair and old leather goods can be sold at Rs.80 per kilo. Any old item can be sold at Rs.50 per kilo.

Buy new items in exchange. Save Rs.3000 on the purchase of new mattresses. Save Rs.1,500 on the purchase of Proton 3 Queen Bed which has MRP as Rs.6,999 and Big Bazaar Price as Rs.5,999. Exchange price of this bed is Rs.4,499.

Dreamline is a spring mattresses which has double size of 78 x 60 x 60. Its MRP is Rs.18,999 and its Big Bazaar Price is Rs.11,999. Under exchange offer this mattresses can be bought at Rs. 8,999.

Save Rs.11,249 on the purchase of Impiana Bedroom Set (Queen bed + 3 door wardrobe + night stand + dresser mirror). Its MRP is Rs.72,599 and its Big Bazaar price is Rs.44,996. Under exchange offer, Impiana bedroom set can be bought at Rs.33,747.

Alwyn 2 door wardrobe with mirror, is also offered at Big Bazaar. Customers can save Rs.2,500 on the purchase of this wardrobe. MRP of this wardrobe is given as Rs.17,999 and its Big Bazaar price is Rs.9,999. Exchange offer price of this wardrobe is Rs.7,499.

Customers can get the opportunity to save Rs.5,000 on the purchase of Star Sofa cum bed. Its MRP and Big Bazaar price are given as Rs.20,000 and Rs.19,999.

Menjhu LCD cabinet (TV-2) has got MRP of Rs.8,500 and has Big Bazaar Price of Rs.5,999. Exchange price under which this cabinet can be purchased is Rs.4,499. Customers can save Rs.1,500 on this purchase.

Customers can also buy at www. For customer care helpline, they can call 1800 200 2255. For making purchases, call 1800 200 6495. This offer is valid at Food Bazaar and Big Bazaar.

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