Great handloom Mangalagiri Sarees | Mangalagiri Sarees designs

May 6th, 2010| News.

Great handloom Mangalagiri Sarees | Mangalagiri Sarees designs

“Handloom” is the word, which reminds of the problems that are facing by the handloom workers. But the mangalagiri handloom industry had proved that if there is a correct method and procedure with proper planning every industry had life in the future. The mangalagiri handloom workers stand before the future and used to produce colorful and designer wares in the handlooms using their creative mind and had produced various types of clothes in various designs and colors and trends.

According to the historical review, it is said that the Mangalagiri handloom is in practice before five decades. In the making of the handloom saris the Dharmavaram, Venkatagiri, Gadwal and so on, and the mangalagiri became famous in the dress materials. The workers are designing almost all the varieties starting from 40 to 100. The design of the sari is very elegant with broad border and with creative design and gives good look to the women who wear it. The techniques that are been used by these workers are very creative with new dying and designs. The specialty of these clothes is they never become shade and dull. The cost of the cloth that is made here is around Rs.40 to Rs.110. the turnover of the mangalagiri sari industry per year is 40-50 crores.

The dress material is weaved with premium and good quality thread. These are designed in such a way that the women and the children get attracted to them and are been used as the costumes by the film actors in the movies.  The teenagers are using these garments in the movies especially in the love-oriented movies.

There is a great demand and craze for the mangalagiri saris and dress materials. The great people used to go to mangalagiri and purchase those garments and wear them. Some of the people give orders of the designs, which are given by them. The mangalagiri industry people have arranged 15 shops in Hyderabad and are making the sales.

The Reddiah family is the main backbone for the origin of the mangalagiri handloom industry. There is a great demand for the sari, which is designed by him in the past 25 years under the name Nizam Border is been like by Sonia and Sheela. The dress material had a great demand and became famous from the past two decades. Many of the famous people who belong to the film industry and sports are the favorites of mangalagiri handlooms.

Mangalagiri Sarees designs

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