GROUP II Zone selection | How to decide Local / Non-Local zone?

December 15th, 2012| Jobs.

GROUP II Zone selection :  Andhra Pradesh has divided into 6 zones for Group II examinations. Depending upon the type of job, the percentage of reservation is allotted for local zone. So, many opportunities will be there for local zone people only.

The final selection of Group II will be done in the hierarchy of Rank, Post, Zone as per Roaster Point Standards.

Even if you are the state topper, and the choosen post is not available in the local zone, then you posting will be at next prefered zone. So, think and fill the zone preference.

You can prefer any zone as your first prefered zone. But, you will be selected only after filteration of the post selected by you, roaster point and non-local zone. After the filteration, you will be appointed according to availability of opportunities.

Even if you opt the local zone for last preference, and if you opted post is not available in other zone for you, then again your local zone will be considered.

For Group II jobs, there is no same type of promotions for all zones. So, think all these before filling the zones preference.

How LOCAL, NON-LOCAL zone is decided in Group II?

If you studied 7th class to 10th class in the districts of a same zone, then that zone is your LOCAL ZONE.

If you studied 7 – 10 classes in different zones, then consider 4 to 10 th class, find out in which zone you have studied 4 years. That zone will become as your LOCAL ZONE.

Those who studied in private schools and didn’t able to get the study certificates, they can get the Residential proof from your local Tahesildar / MRO.

Those who stodied in distance education, they can use Residential adress proof as their local address.

The students studied in other states are considerd as NON-LOCAL.

Even if you do not able to prove your local address, then you will be considered as NON-LOCAL.

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