GSE exam Syllabus

September 29th, 2010| Education.

GSE exam Syllabus


The questions will be in B.Sc standard and they contain the questions on algebra, cyclic groups, sub groups, dimensional vector spaces, matrices, determinants, linear transformers, integers, polynomials, analysis, complex numbers, continuity, rational functions, trigonometric functions, geometry and topology. They will ask other questions also related to mathematics and the questions will be for 30 marks. The questions will be in objective type and the duration of the exam is for one and half hour.

Chemical sciences:

The questions are based on Physical, organic, inorganic, analytical, electro and quantum chemistry, biophysics, thermodynamics, spectroscopy, logic and statistics and mathematical methods. There will be negative marks and the paper will be in objective type.

Physical sciences:

The questions will be based on classical mechanics in the degree and PG level, physics related to the mathematics, electricity, magnetism, quantum mechanics, heat, thermodynamics, statistical physics, modem physics, electronics and experimental physics. The questions will be in the objective type and there will be negative marking for wrong answers.


The questions will be based on mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

Computer science and systems sciences:

The questions will be based on sets and relations, elementary probability theory, proportional and logic, formula language, theory and compatibility, data structures and algorithms, complexity and problems and NP completeness.

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