Guiding principles of TRAI | Changes in Do Not Call registry

December 4th, 2010| In India.

Do Not Call registryGuiding principles of TRAI

  • TRAI will provide the numbers registered in ‘Do not Call’ registry and the list of registered telemarketers to the service providers.
  • Later telemarketers have to register with the operators.
  • If telemarketers make a call to ‘do not call’ numbers, software at the operator stops the call.
  • Number of the telemarketer will be blocked if he continues do the mistake of calling ‘do not call’ numbers.
  • If the subscriber wants, call can be blocked and the facility of receiving SMSes will be activated.




Changes in ‘Do Not Call’ registry

There are going to be some changes in the present national Do not Call directory.  Subscribers can choose telemarketing calls from required services and goods. For exam if the subscriber is to buy a new house he can choose to receive telemarketing calls for three months from real estate agents.