Henna Jewellery for Indian Bride | How to use Henna Jewellery?

Henna Jewellery for Indian Bride | How to use Henna Jewellery?

Henna Jewellery is the creative art of applying henna to the neck in the form of necklace and in the form of ‘Jhumar’. This shows that there is a trend in using variety items in low cost.

Traditional henna is applicable to hands and legs. It can also be used on neck with some skill. It can be done with the usage of colored stones and ‘Kundans’.  Ornaments on neck, forehead, nose and hair will give attraction. This henna Jewellery which look like gold Jewellery will undoubtedly double the brides beauty.

Henna designing is done according to the taste though extra make up to it can be done according to the dress color.  Colored stones that suit the sarees and gagras can be selected. Price of the henna Jewellery will be based on the selected stones and design and this may be around five or six thousand rupees.

It can be removed easily. Except the gel, all the materials used in this process are of natural origin. Henna marks will not be seen after removal. Not   only in the form of ornaments, henna can be used as decoration as ‘Jhumar’ and nail arts.

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  1. That is nice and interesting to know. This is not only a creative work of designing jewellery but also the cheapest way through which good creativity and new fashions can be promoted. Nice sharing of entertaining information.
    Keep posting more like this.

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