Hi Sarees in Indian Couture fashion | Sarees can be worn in 50 different styles and represents Indian culture

August 13th, 2010| In India.

Hi Sarees in Indian Couture fashion | Sarees can be worn in 50 different styles and represents Indian culture

hi sarees Fashion is a wonderful world. Many fashions like casual, formal, street, high end, couture etc is available. Regular wear to fashionable clothes film stars wear are available. Casuals mean the clothes we wear regularly and formals means suits, boots and ties. Street fashion means the style of the students. High end are the clothes designed by the famous designers.

Change is the only constant suits the fashion world perfectly. The fashion which is in today becomes out of fashion in just a few months. Many changes are happening in our sense of dressing according to the changing times. Not all the old fashions are boring. Fashion is born out of tradition. Fashion means improving the available style and making it more beautiful and convenient.

hi sareesHigh end couture means the fashions wore by models and cine stars on the ramp. This was once confined to the international market. These are the clothes made by artistic people on fine clothes as per the body measurements. Couture fashion is now becoming popular in India. Sarees got a new look because of this high fashion. Now the Sarees can be worn in more than 50 styles. This is the magic of couture fashion. These collections of famous designers are being launched in the fashion weeks held at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. These collections are very famous with the customers of international market. Our designers are becoming fashion favourite as their couture collections are designed keeping the western taste in mind with their favorite colors and cuts.

Sarees are designed today in colors which are not routine. International colors like dark slate, slate brown color are used. Different materials are mixed and matched. These tradition meets style Sarees which are with the western look are very is to wear. Readymade pallu with butter fly/chow cut at the shoulder are provided. These Sarees can be worn like skirts on Churidar pyjama or tights.  Therefore even Hollywood stars are wearing these Sarees. Those days are not far away when the Sarees become an important part in Indian Couture fashion and will be praised by the world. Indian designer are working very hard towards this goal.