Highlights of Haridwar Kumbh mela | Sacred dips, Important sacred days details of Haridwar Khimb Mela

January 11th, 2013| News.

Kumbh mela is being conducted greatly in Haridwar city of Utarakhand state. Numerous devotees from different nations are taking part in this sacred event. Haridwar is flocked with devotees from all over the country. The mela or fair that are held for once in 12 years is called Kumbh mela and that which is held once in 6 years is called Arth Kumbh Mela. Along with this for every 3 years a kumbh mela is held in Allahabad (Prayaga), Haridwar, Nasik, Ujjain. The ‘Kumbh Fair’ starts from the day when the planet Jupiter enters Aquarius and the Sun enters Aries.

Sacred dips: It is believed that taking a holy dips in the rivers located in the places where the mela is held, relieves us from all the sins we commit. Every Hindu wishes that he takes a holy dip in the rivers at the time of Kumbh mela at least once in his life time. Kumbh Mela is of that importance. Medicinal importance is also attributed to this holy dip. The electro magnetic waves released from the Sun and the Moon will empower the River Ganga and thereby creating an opinion that the holy dip in this river water will improve the health. Lakhs of devotees, saints, visitors participate in this mela and take a holy dip to attain salvation. The hungama cannot be explained. Several ghats are made available on the banks of River Ganga at Haridwar. The important ghats among them are Har ki Paouri, Astaparvaghat, Subhashghat, Shu ghat.

Important sacred days: Phalgun Amavasya (March 15), New year day (March 16), Sri Ramanavami (March 24),Chaitra Purnima (March 30), renowned Sahi Snan (April 14) are considered special days. On these days vast number of devotees will participate in the event.

Sakha purnima-Saints’holy dips:Saints who follow strict rules and regulations along with traditions will be center of attraction in this event. It can be noticed that these saints take the holy dip in River Ganga, being nude applying sacred ash. The feets and the tantra skills performed by these saints attract the visitors. Thousands of saints take the holy dip on this day. Many devotees wait to take dip in the river after them in the opinion that it is good for them.

Centralization:Many preachers, saints, astrologers, sages all unite in this occasion. Many discussions take place between them about the protection of the Hindu dharma. Religious preachers inculcate the importance of the Vedas and Upanishads.

Help:Another important issue in this event is the helping the poor ones. Donating clothes and money to the needy can be noticed here. Many social service organizations are working for this cause.

There a re many temples in Haridwar. It is necessary to book the accommodation in advance. Some difficulties are inevitable in such events where lakhs of people take part. But prior planning makes the tour a comfortable one.