Historical Incident – Civil Disobedience Movement in Chauri Chaura

May 4th, 2010| News.

Historical Incident – Civil Disobedience Movement in Chauri Chaura

Chauri Chaura

Chauri Chaura is a place in Uttar Pradesh. Those are the days when the independence is in its starting stage and it is 1922. The father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi gave a slogan that never cooperate to the foreigners and stick on to the idea that Independence is the aim of the Indians. This is called as the Civil Disobedience Movement. Gandhi used to say that the British people had no rights to rule and so no one need to follow their principles and laws and do not pay the taxes to them  are the words said by Gandhi. At the same time, around 2000 people had started revolution against the British officials at the place called Chauri Chaura.

Then the British people used to clear the crowd by the forces and in that trial they first made the firings in the air and later on as the situation became severe, they started firing on the Indians. In that incident, some of the people are injured and some are dead. At that time all the Indians became furious and surrounded the British officials and they ran to the police stations for security. Even there the Indians surrounded the police station and lit fire to the station. In this incident along with the station Sub- inspector 23 people are dead.  Knowing about the disaster that takes place in the future, Gandhi stopped the incident by giving orders and used to say that violence is not the weapons of the Indians and it is vain.

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