Historical Ruler KrishnaDevaraya Actual Photo | Sri KrishnaDevaraya original portrait

May 8th, 2010| News.

Historical Ruler KrishnaDevaraya Actual Photo | Sri KrishnaDevaraya original portrait


The very thought of Sri Krishnadeverayalu reminds us of the poets, scholars and many more. KrishnaDevaraya is not a scholar in art but also had a great talent in the wars. KrishnaDevaraya is a successor in all the wars and do not know what is mean by defeat. The popularity of this king is great among all the 30 rulers who ruled the Vijayanagara Dynasty. KrishnaDevarayalu passed away at the age of 49 due to ill health and he ruled in the period from 1509 to 1529. The dynasty used to be full of precious stones during his reign and many people wish to get back that times back again. To know the picture of this great personality, it is very common to think of the great artist in the movies, NTR. But in reality, KrishnaDevaraya figure and face are very different. This is known by seeing the portrait of this person and his original picture is stored safely by the Bharath Ithihasan Samshodan Madali of pune. It was painted by a great Portuguese artist called Domingopace.  Krishn Devaraya drawn these pictures when he reached the Vijayanagara dynasty in the year 1520 and it takes 15 weeks to complete the picture. The artist said that though the face of this ruler used to be rough with spots, his heart is very sensitive and kind. KrishnaDevarayalu greatness and picture of this great ruler is known to the Indians with the drawing that is made by the foreigner.

A successful ruler Sri KrishnaDevaraya

The ruler is not a good-looking personality but he is the best in the wars. KrishnaDevaraya used to be very careful and steady during the times of meetings with his rulers and kings and for the security of the dynasty. KrishnaDevaraya is very disciplinary in his life. KrishnaDevaraya stood as a great leader and ruler in the history.

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