History of Partition of Bengal

March 1st, 2010| News.

History of Partition of Bengal

Calcutta which is known as Kolkata from 1st January 2001 was very important to British rulers for nearly two centuries. Calcutta was the capital of British Empire in India from 1772 AD to 1911 AD.

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Before the arrival of Britishers, there were three villages namely Sutanuti, Gobindapur and Kalkata. Britishers, who thought this place would be suitable for their trade, started developing this place since 1690 AD. By buying the lands in those three villages and nearby areas from the local landlords, they have started constructing a fort in 1698 AD and completed in two decades. They got permission in 1717 AD from the Mughal Emperor to do their business freely in this place. For this, the Mughal Emperor has charged Rs. 3000 per year. After that, Britishers have made it the capital not only for their business trades but also for political affairs.

Bengals Nawab Sirajuddaula is not at all happy at the Britishers attitude. So, he had fought with the Britishers in 1756 AD and captured Calcutta fort. But after the next year, Britishers under the leadership of Robert Cliff has fought again with the nawab of Bengal and captured the Calcutta fort by defeating him. After that the Britishers had become an unbeatable power. They have moved all the offices from the Bengal capital, Muridabad to Calcutta. After that they have made Calcutta to be the capital of all their Indian administration purposes. In 1947 AD, when the Britishers left India, they have divided Bengal into two divisions. In that, east part went to Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and the west part went to Indian land. Calcutta has started a new regime as a capital to West Bengal state.

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